#Brexit … #RemainIn or #VoteLeave ? Here’s someones perspective that may be a tad different. PART 2

Tony Benn EuropeSlovakia was fine. You’d rarely see nor hear anything about the European Union. Indeed I bloody loved it. In hindsight maybe I was a bit oblivious to the EU influence? I would see EU flags flying which as a Brit was obviously odd as no one has an EU flag here in the U.K. I’d come across a few websites with the paid by the EU thing at the bottom (or whatever it said) – to me it was just like the “cookies warning” we now get. I was living in this far away place, waking up looking at mountains, with a woman I loved, in glorious sunshine and was basically treated as a celebrity. I’m 6 1 , Eastern Europeans are short in comparison, I had long hair and was/am slim ( they’re all mainly fat and balding as of steroids and diet) . I could do whatever the fuckety fuck fuck I wanted as I was BRITISH. That’s not me being a twat, that’s them speaking. I was like a minor celeb or some bullshit. How was I in this position? As of the EU.

Solely as of the EU.

The negativity I witnessed didn’t impact my daily life but really messed with my perception and made me realise that I was living in a different world. People were openly racist with regards to anyone of colour if it ever came up in conversation. I’d see Police moving on drunk Romas from the bus station I lived opposite and give them a little kick in but leave the drunk Slovaks alone, or just wake them up and tell them to move. I’d hear the “n-word” sometimes. All very very infrequently but it was obvious there was a racist undertone to society when it came to colour. Never ever to me, ever, but to anyone non white? Yes. I was more interested in the Slovakian vs. Hungarian politics which was at the forefront of everything more than anything else to be honest. Then I heard about the exposure of neutering Roma women against their  knowledge/will and it blew my mind. I was suddenly really aware that not only was there racism here that there was institutional racism at a scale I couldn’t comprehend. “The American” as I shall call her had tried warning me about such things but I thought it was a minority and they were just “different”. I’ve a big gob and lets just say the amount of arguments I got in are too many to count. My step sister of 21 years has two mixed race children…my lovely nephews, the American has a mixed race nephew. I had to learn to keep my gob shut and accept that these lovely, welcoming, friendly, hospitable, intelligent, hardworking people, some I still consider very very good friends were racist. Not as they were fucking idiots but as “that’s the way they are”. Some may call me a pussy for accepting how Eastern Europeans are but that’s their culture, education and upbringing. I’m an atheist but I can’t shout down half of my Irish family and call them retards and disown them as they believe in fairytales can I? Or should I?

My experience in Slovakia taught me many things. They are racist. They are not exposed to any different religions, cultures or colours. They are lovely people. Their country is stunningly beautiful. They are a new country. A third wish the Soviets were back, a third embrace the EU, a third wish the Nazis were back. These newly created countries with borders decided by white people in the US, the UK, the UN have always been a clusterfuck. I swear little know that the current borders of Poland we invented after WW2! The whole west of the country is basically Germany. What was the east of Poland is now Ukraine. Just like the middle east we (the west) have carved up countries, tribes, religious preferences, natural resources how we see fit. I trekked and found the original place the “Great Escapers” were murdered in what is now Poland on the anniversary of that massacre, in the arse end of nowhere. It coincided with a celebration day in Poland and I stayed in a former Nazi HQ which has been turned into a hotel. No one spoke Polish. No one flew the red and white of Poland, no one gave a fuck about Poland. In Poland. I sat in bars when air raid sirens went off in memory of the Warsaw uprising and older people gave no fucks. The youth gave no fucks. So many of these EU countries have either been invented by us as we saw fit. So many of them weren’t even on MAPS as countries until either recently or they weren’t on said maps in any way shape or form since around the time Australia or the United States of America were officially formed.

In Eastern Europe at least. The EU, and I’m being exceedingly polite, finances some exceedingly complex parts of the world. Parts of the world that are still coming to terms with their own borders. Let alone the world outside of what was the USSR.

Next, part three. Poland…. I don’t blame anyone wanting to leave the “success story of the EU” – if that’s a success story then fuck me I don’t want to know what the hell failure fucking looks like.  I don’t blame those wanting to stay and try and re-build their country. Fuck me it’s complex. Here is where I really saw what the EU is about overseas and haven’t even got anywhere near democracy yet with regards to just the EU and the UK.

Next up – how and where our tax money is spent…




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