#Brexit … #RemainIn or #VoteLeave ? Here’s someones perspective that may be a tad different. PART 3

Tony Benn EuropeSo, my experience in Poland re EU monies. In the media Poland is oft hailed as the “success story of the European Union”. Let us look at the facts with regards to the European Union success.

Poland is the largest NET recipient of EU cash. The country that has most free cash than any other country in the entire 28 country bloc. The country would probably be bankrupt without the free EU cash that they receive. They are the poster child of the EU – the best of the best. So, everyone else is below them in the eyes of the EU with regards to success.

So, question 1 – why have millions of Polish people left? Why are they the largest migrants of any European Country if things are so great for them??

Question 2 – why do they have such a declining birthrate that their government is now paying people to have kids?

Question 3 – why are the EU threatening sanctions and possible expulsion from the EU (the latter is rhetoric and will never ever ever happen) currently due to their law breaking? Poland has scrapped the rights and independence not only of their media but also of their Judges. They’ve imposed a government controlled regime which can only be compared to communist Russia.  The government control the courts and the government control the media…in a free and democratic European Union.

Poland is controlled by a far right government –  democratically elected. They have one of the worst educational systems in all of Europe despite all of the finance. (On this point if anyone tries to quote OECD figures with regards to “passing tests”, have a look at applied knowledge – yours, an ex teacher). Why are their qualifications from degrees, BTECs, GCSEs, A-levels still non transferable to any other EU country?. Heck, even their car MOTs are not valid in any other country.

I’m not blaming the normal people. I’m blaming successive governments and corruption. Poland has had more money thrown at it, given for free than anywhere other than Eastern Germany (in real terms) since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Yet, it is a failed state.

If a success story is high unemployment, low education, high debt, high corruption, record level migration away from the country, investigations by the EU, American torture camps, an inefficient miltary, women treated as second class citizens, a corrupt police force, a record low birth rate (despite the Catholicism of the country), most meat exports banned?

If this is the EU success??

What the fuck does failure look like?

When I lived in Poland the largest free cash came from Germany, France and then U.K. taxpayers. I need to verify but, I believe as of the UK getting hit for more cash as our economy was doing so well that the largest free cash now goes Germany, UK then thirdly the French.

The UK and the Germans are paying for this success story.









Now….where does the German and British money specifically go….that’s next


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