Hello. You look mighty fine today I must say!

So, the “about” page….

I’m Scott Jones. You may not know me at all and found this by mistake or indeed you may know me from the previous incarnation of this blog (qprr as it was) or you may know me from a truck load of other random situations. Maybe I should list those…..I used to work for the Daily Mirror, I used to work for Diageo, I tweet a lot, I worked with the winner of the Apprentice, I appeared on Question Time a fair few times, I’ve been in a few films, I’m a teacher, I advise people on “social media”, I write for various blogs and websites, Ian Wright once bought me a lemonade, I used to live in hotels and hostels, I squatted in Guy Ritchie’s house, Flavio Briatore likes to threaten to sue me, I drunkenly made a twat of myself taking penalties at QPR (twice), I’m an author, I helped arrange the anti Iraq War March in London (2million people ahem), and I like to network. The purpose of this blog? Well, it’s me, just chatting…albeit mainly shit.

Oh and here’s a pic of my big balls.


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